Welcome to the Blog for Business Law

Welcome to the Blog for Business Law

Where do you go when the law affects your business, and you need some quick information? The Blog for Business Law is just such a place — a quick and dirty resource for information about business and law. The blog is a project of the business lawyers of Evans & Dixon, L.L.C., a law firm headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. The Business Services group at Evans & Dixon is growing and on the move, and we’re excited to launch this new forum of discussion and discovery.

People in businesses of all sizes will find topics of interest on the blog, but we hope small business owners and entrepreneurs will find the Blog for Business Law to be especially helpful. We’ll cover a whole array of areas where the law affects small businesses, including trademarks and patents, human resources issues, real estate, contracts, environmental concerns, and buying and selling businesses.

In addition to writing original articles, we’ll be searching the web for resources, articles, how-to’s, and tips, so you won’t have to. We hope to be a resource for business tips, information, and entertaining thoughts about things that interest you, as a business owner.

Please visit our “About” page to meet the people behind the blog.

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