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COVID-19 Delta Variant Causes The CDC and OSHA To Update Their Guidance

1. Both Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Workers Should Wear Masks in the Public Areas of Indoor Workplaces. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) updated its Covid-19 guidance on July 27, 2021, ( ) adding a recommendation for fully vaccinated persons in addition to unvaccinated…
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How Does The CDC’s New Guidance Eliminating Mask Wearing and Social Distancing For Most Fully Vaccinated Persons Affect The Need For Employers To Require Employees To Wear Masks And Socially Distance In The Workplace?

The Covid-19 pandemic has evolved to the point where effective vaccinations have lessened the need for universal mask wearing. Most view this development as reason for optimism that the pandemic will end or, at least, continue only at a manageable level with marginal impact on workplaces. The CDC’s new guidance exempting fully vaccinated persons from wearing masks either indoors or outdoors in most circumstances offers employers the opportunity to adjust their workplace Covid-19 related policies.

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Employers May Claim Tax Credits To Fund PTO Granted To Employees To Get Vaccinated & Those That Only Encourage Vaccinations Need Not Report Vaccination Related Illnesses On An OSHA Form 300

As more workplaces reopen and Covid-19 vaccinations become available to everyone over the age of 16 years, employers must decide whether to establish mandatory or voluntary vaccination policies. See “What Questions Do Employers Need To Ask About Covid-19 Vaccinations?”  A recent poll conducted by the…
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OSHA Announces New Workplace Covid-19 Enforcement Actions

Shortly after taking office, President Biden directed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) to increase its enforcement by “launch[ing] a national program to focus OSHA Covid-19 related enforcement activities.”  Specifically, he adopted an executive order that instructed OSHA to initiate “a national program to…
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Another Example of How Copyright Law Touches Our Everyday Lives: The Georgia Official Code Case

Keywords: Copyright, Supreme Court, Georgia, Public.Resource.Org., annotations, OCGA, Government Edicts Doctrine Introduction One would think that when a state creates an “official” code of its statutes, the public would have the right to freely copy and share that collection of laws.  One would also think…
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What Questions Do Employers Need To Ask About Covid-19 Vaccinations?

On November 20, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorizations (“EUA”) for the first Covid-19 vaccination manufactured by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and BioNTech SE for use in persons age 16 years and older.  The agency has since granted a similar EUA on…