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Virtually no one reads website terms of service, but we often have to click “I agree” in order to use a website. And courts generally enforce online terms even when website users don’t read them. I think this is a problem, and I’ve written about it in the past.

In my last two Resource of the Week posts, I highlight projects that are trying to help consumers with this issue by providing an easily accessible cheat sheet of what’s in a website’s terms of service, so we don’t have to spend our nights and weekends slogging through the legalese just to download an app from the app store.


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Resource of the Week: TOSSOS

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Do you read the terms of service for all the websites you use, or do you simply click “I agree” and go on with your business? As I discuss in this post about online terms of service, although you probably don’t read online terms, they’re usually enforced by courts. But who has time to read online terms closely enough to know what you’re agreeing to? (more…)

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