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Resource of the Week: TOS;DR (Terms of Service; Didn’t Read)

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business law tools

In last week’s Resource of the Week post, I highlighted TOSSOS (Terms of Service SOS), a website that provides a summary of the website terms of many popular websites. As we all know, nobody reads online terms of service, but having a cheat sheet can at least clue us into some of important things that we’re agreeing to.

This week’s resource is trying to tackle the same problem. As TOS;DR states on its home page, “‘I have read and agree to the Terms’ is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that.” The site’s approach is similar to that of TOSSOS — summarize and label TOS highlights so people know what they’re getting into, even if they don’t have time to slog through the actual terms.

If you’ve used TOS;DR, let me know what you think in the comments, shoot me an email, or ping me on Twitter @theBlog4BizLaw.

[Update 8/19/2012: After posting this piece, I read this Techcrunch article from last Monday that provides more background about the TOS;DR project.]

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