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Friday Web Bits: Unlimited Vacation, Mad Men, and Getting Paid

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All-you-can eat vacation buffet. What would your employees do if you gave them unlimited vacation time? Would they start showing up for work only every other Friday to pick up their paychecks? Apparently, if they’re as motivated as the folks at Netflix, they’d work hard and take reasonable amounts of time off. Mashable reports in Netflix’s Unlimited Employee Vacation Policy: Why It Works that Netflix doesn’t track its employees’ vacation time. A word of caution, however — according to Netflix’s co-founder, such a policy “requires mature, responsible employees who care about high-quality work.”

Show me the money. Every business that extends trade credit has to deal with collecting its receivables. But sometimes they’re left empty-handed. Imke Ratschko provides some relevant advice in Increasing Your Chances of Collecting Outstanding Invoices on her New York Small Business Law Blog.

Business lessons from Mad Men. The TV series Mad Men provides a glimpse of the lifestyles of early ’60s Madison Avenue advertising executives. Like a train wreck, watching the show is both fascinating and disturbing. Political correctness is nowhere to be found and the show’s characters live hard-drinking morally interesting lives. Shashi Bellamkonda finds some lessons for businesses among all the hedonism and drama in his piece on the Small Business Trends blog, 5 Small Business Lessons From Mad Men.

Protect your identity. We all face the threat of identity theft. Nancy Mann Jackson provides tips for protecting ourselves in this post at

The JOBS Act. The JOBS Act was signed into law earlier this month. In Unleashing America’s Entrepreneurial Power, Harold L. Sirkin of Bloomberg Businessweek discusses how the act can improve our economy by encouraging entrepreneurship.

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