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  • The Serious Uncertainties Surrounding Series LLCs

    The Serious Uncertainties Surrounding Series LLCs

    Much as the limited liability company (LLC) took the country by storm in the early 1990s, forever changing the American landscape of corporate governance and small business taxation, a new type of entity is proliferating from state to state: the protective series LLC.  Originally developed in Delaware as a tool for holding different classes of […]

  • Giving It a Proper Burial: Dissolving LLCs and Corporations in Missouri

    When it comes to corporations, LLCs, and other entities, people tend to focus on their birth rather than their death, with most available literature being on the pros and cons of different types of entities and how to go about creating one. But for reasons similar to why the birth of LLCs and corporations is […]

  • Which Hat Are You Wearing?

    Which Hat Are You Wearing?

    Often in my practice I’ll write documents that call upon a client who owns all or part of a limited liability company (“LLC”) or other entity to sign more than once on the same signature page. This may seem silly, but it serves an important purpose. Sometimes the dual signature is required because the client […]

  • Properly Maintaining Your Business’ Corporate or LLC Status

    So, you’ve decided to incorporate your business or operate your business as an LLC. However, merely filing the “proper paperwork” with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office to form a corporation or an LLC is not the end of your endeavor. This blog post explains necessary steps to ensure that you properly establish and maintain […]

  • Sole Owner LLC – Is Your Liability Really Limited?

    You are proud of yourself. You went on-line at the Secretary of State’s website and filed your Articles of Organization. This means that you have limited your personal liability right? Well … maybe. People rarely understand that what they do AFTER filling Articles of Organization is as important as the filing itself. You are living under […]

  • Dinosaurs are NOT Extinct

    Dinosaurs are extinct right? Well, not in the business world. There’s a dinosaur still in our midst known as the limited partnership. In reviewing loan documents for a local lender I uncovered what should have been a fossil, but alas, it was still living. Limited partnerships (LP’s) were originally created to allow for both limited […]

  • Do LLC’s Have “Corporate Formalities”?

    Do LLC’s Have “Corporate Formalities”?

    You just formed a new LLC and your attorney says, “We recommend an annual retainer; and for this retainer we serve as your registered agent and assure that you meet the necessary ‘company formalities.’” Before you write that check allow us to give you a little education on this often misunderstood subject. Why can’t you […]

  • Doing Business As a Corporation? You’re Living in the Past

    Doing Business As a Corporation? You’re Living in the Past

    So, your family business has been a corporation forever. All these years you’ve been dutifully filing your annual report with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office along with your annual fee; and filing the mandatory annual franchise tax return (even though you don’t owe any such tax). You know about “corporate formalities” and you’ve been […]